Creativ Mob is a merger of two professional hiring companies that have been passionate about their business for over 30 years; we are looking to expand this activity by providing our customers with solutions – the drive and spearhead of this brand new company being the superior quality of the products we offer.

When it comes to the actual buying and selling, professionals are apt to find anything and everything. This is indeed the reason why Creativ Mob’s managers have signed a partnership, so as to give a new, different image to professionals hosting quality receptions in castles, restaurants, touristic venues or party events.

To implement this goal, they started a thorough research and study of the many European tent manufacturing suppliers on the market. As a result, they were able to develop a partnership with a weighty, reliable manufacturer ensuring a supply of quality products made in Europe. This enables, us, furthermore, to shorten production and delivery times, facilitates After Sales (if required) as well as orders for spare parts.

Our activity is mainly focused on selling high quality marquees and modular reception tents, as described above. Not only are they high quality, but they are easy to set up and allow for the possibility of connecting several tents together. We are now able to offer you many different solutions as well as a greatly increased reception capacity compared with basic reception tents.

Whether standard or tailor-made, the reception tents that you will find on our website stand out because of the quality of their design, the choice of dimensions, colors, and easy setting up. In addition, they include some essential assets for professional event-planners and the tourism industry: the tents are waterproof, fireproof, UV-resistant, anti-algae and anti-mold. This clearly demonstrates the rather exceptional quality of these products.

It wasn’t easy to find a manufacturer who could tick off every single criterion demanded by Creativ Mob’s managers, the Old Continent having relinquished – for lack of investors or lack of labor – a craft that was still flourishing in the past century. Fortunately, the know-how and quality craftsmanship still exist. You will immediately notice this when choosing the reception tents carefully selected by Creativ Mob.

Naturally, our team is ready to respond to any questions concerning the manufacture, setting up, or even maintenance of our reception tents. We will be happy to help you make a choice that fits your budget and venue, whatever the type of event and whatever floor area is required. We are set to give you the best possible advice.

For us, what counts above all else is quality of service. We want you to benefit from our long experience which has led us to select superior products and make use of state-of-the-art technologies in order to offer you the best. We deliver our products in France and to any location abroad – the elegance and reliability of our products appeal to catering and tourism professionals in France and around the world.

Established in the renowned industrial area of Saint Etienne, Loire, our company is attentive to all your projects and requirements. Do contact us!

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