Sailcloth marquee: a luxury, superior quality reception tent

The luxury reception tent

Are you an event-planning professional, a marquee hire company? Do you own a castle or an estate that hosts parties and events of all kinds? Are you on the lookout for reception tents that are durable, attractive, and easy to set up? Discover the Sailcloth marquee, a reception tent that will meet all your professional requirements.

Advantages of the Sailcloth marquee

Complies with CTS standards

Quick and easy setting up and transport

Exceptional quality

Great craftsmanship production

Beautiful design

  • Its appearance, which is both elegant and romantic while remaining perfectly natural, adapts easily to any event. Your customers or guests will appreciate its shape and design, quality and generous dimensions. And because it is actually a canvas and not made of vinyl.
  • Shortened procurement and delivery schedules, thanks to an exclusively European manufacture.
  • 100% waterproof: no reception will be spoiled by bad weather, the clever combination developed by the R&D laboratory, of a specific coating and reinforced, sealed seams guarantees that the product is 100% waterproof.
  • Possibility of adding plain or transparent side walls for the comfort of participants.
  • Our Sailcloth marquees are handcrafted by professional sail-makers.
  • Robust and durable: the Sailcloth reception tent has reinforced seams, rain and UV protective coating; it is also resistant to wind and mold.
  • Vast choice of colors and sizes.

Features of the Sailcloth reception tent

You will be charmed by the appearance and quality of this reception tent designed for professionals.

  • Made from fabric (genuine canvas), not plastic.
  • High tear-resistance capacity; resistance to wind: 9 on the Beaufort scale (strong gale)
  • UV resistance: 9
  • The Sailcloth canvas is treated against fungi and algae.
  • Possibility to print the canvas inside and/or outside.
  • Meets M2-NF P92-503 fire standards.
  • The Sailcloth reception tent complies with European standards EN 13782: 2015 and EN 8020-41.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy setting up and taking down, easy storage and transport.
  • The straps are particularly robust, fitted with metal strap tensioners. Anchors are 100cm.
  • White flags are included with delivery, but can be customized.
  • The Sailcloth marquee’s standard dimensions include 10 x 10m to 20 x 38m, but it can also be tailor-made to other dimensions.

Discover a product that will stand out by its unequalled quality finish, artistic appearance, authenticity and customized details.

Our selection of superior quality reception tents has been specially designed for professional use. Create extra space sheltered from the wind, rain and sun, using one or more Sailcloth party tents with elegant contour lines which suit both classic and contemporary environments. Contact us for further information, we will work out together which solution is most relevant to your project.


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