Stretch marquee : a high quality standard or tailor-made tent for hiring companies, castles and restaurants

The STRETCH marquee (or Nomadic reception tent), modular at will.

Discover a STRETCH marquee, specifically designed for professionals of event, touristic and catering venues; modular as you want it for shape and size, and that can also be custom-marked.

Advantages of the STRETCH marquee:

Modular and shaped as you want it

Our STRETCH marquees can be pitched in a great variety of configurations. They can also be joined together.

Robust and waterproof

In order to offer you a high quality product, we have designed an extremely robust 750g/sq.m canvas. This canvas is waterproof, and treated against UV rays and mold.

Quick setting up and easy transport

Our Nomadic tents are quick to set up, movable and very compact. A tent can be easily transported in a small cargo van.

Compliance with CTS standards

Our canvas is fully compliant. It withstands winds over 100 km/h as well as a 4 cm snowfall load. The canvas is also flame-retardant and certified M2.

A rapidly profitable investment

A hiring company will find that a STRETCH marquee can pay for itself very quickly because hiring prices are usually rather high.

  • With state-of-the-art technologies applied to this system, marquees can be joined one to another in order to provide all the floor area you require. For your customers’ comfort, waterproof conduits (gutters) are used to ensure that the joining is perfectly airtight and watertight between the tents.
  • Thanks to its great versatility, the STRETCH marquee adapts to any type of situation and terrain: on a stage; as expanding a terrace area; for a seaside pavilion, a reception room; on the lawns of a castle or estate… It adapts equally well to grass, concrete or sand. The drop of terrain is not a problem either.
  • Made in Europe, our superior quality reception tents are made from high quality materials that are designed to last.
  • European manufacturing considerably shortens the manufacturing time for our Bedouin tents and enables us to ensure rapid delivery.
  • The STRETCH tent is waterproof, of course, but it is very elegant all the same.
  • A rectangular or square customizable reception tent, pitched with either rough or varnished eucalyptus wooden poles – you will appreciate its harmonious contours as well as its refined, warm general appearance which lends itself to any type of reception or party.
  • A training course can be carried out when your STRETCH reception tent is set up for the first time.
  • For hiring companies, the STRETCH tent is a marquee that pays for itself after hiring it out only a few times.

Features of the Stretch reception tent


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Durability, easy setting up, elegance, the summary description of a Stretch reception tent.

  • Resistance to sunlight: 9
  • Resistance to wind: 9 Beaufort
  • 100% waterproof
  • A STRETCH reception tent’s canvas is fire retardant
  • Anti-algae and anti-mold treatment
  • UV protection to avoid any risk of discoloring
  • Customized reception tent: layouts of different shapes to those offered can be considered: entrust us with your project, we will provide a quick and clear estimate that meets all your requirements.
  • Various standard colors are available if you want your reception tent to harmonize with your environment, or (e.g.) the colors of your restaurant. Furthermore, you can select any of the RAL colors: we can provide you with a custom-made STRETCH reception tent.
  • Number of people seated around round tables: from 30 to 160 per Bedouin tent
  • Number of people seated around rectangular tables: from 35 to 210 people per Bedouin tent.
  • Floor area: from 36 sq.m to 210 sq.m
  • Setting up time: 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the floor area
  • Our special versions of this reception tent: 21 x 21 meters covering no less that 370 sq.m; also available in 18 x 18 meters

The Stretch marquee is a state-of-the-art product that is constantly evolving in order to offer you the best in its field. Please do not hesitate to contact our specialized team for further information, or to request a quote.

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